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Larry’s Small Engine Repair is an accredited member of the Houston BBB. It took me almost eight years to be nominated and accepted by the BBB, that is quite an accomplishment, and it speaks for my business and my work.

Larry’s Small Engine Repair, LLC is in NW Houston/Cypress, TX. We are an Authorized Repair Center for Sears & Craftsman, Duromax products, Champion, Generac, Winco Generators and Amerisun Inc. It is privately owned and a legitimately operated small engine repair shop that provides quality work at affordable rates. We repair 2 & 4 cycle small engines on Generators, Pressure Washers, Lawn Mowers, Blowers, Chain Saws and Misc. Equipment.

Repairing small engines can be challenging, but it is trivial compared to the mechanical skills and knowledge that I possess.  I worked for ExxonMobil for 25 years, and my work was well-recognized, and I am very proud of my work accomplishments during my 47 yrs. in the O&G Industry. See Photos

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal & Checks within Harris County

Bus. Hours:  Mon. & Friday9:00 am – 6:00 pm    Tues. – Thur. _  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sat. _  By Appt. Only

“Focus on What You Do Best and Let Me Focus on What I Do Best.”

“If you continue to do as you did in the past, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

  • You can contact me at (832)-643-2315 or use my Contact Page; my email address is I take work by appointment only to prevent a backlog of work. I work by myself, so utilization of my time is necessary. For Service Page:Services Page Company Page: Company Page

If you call, I will ask you a few simple questions. I need to understand the scope of the work that you want done. Then I can determine if it is something that I can do and/or have the necessary time. I cannot diagnose a problem without first seeing the equipment nor will I provide a quote to repair it on the phone.

Transparency, honesty and integrity are more important to me than how much money my business makes me. I was forced to make a change in 2018 regarding my business practices and operations due to customers taking advantage of me. I had eleven Portable Generators abandoned after Hurricane Harvey that I repaired, and eventually had them hauled off for scrap.

My business is repairing equipment, not consulting. Consulting is a fee-based service although it is not a tangible item. I do not give advice on repair work because it is a Liability, that is why I pay good money for General Liability Insurance.

My goals are to offer quality work at lower costs with a quick turnaround time.  I base my business on “honesty and integrity,” which are very important to me. It is reflected in our work ethics and our daily lives; it defines what kind of person that I am.

My time, labor, knowledge and skills have a monetary value, and all are required to repair equipment.  I worked in the O&G Industry for almost 50 years, 25 years of it with Exxon. With 56 years of diversified Mechanical experience and knowledge, there is nothing better or more important than hands-on experience.

Ultimately, it really is less expensive to pay a qualified technician for a proper diagnosis than it is to replace components based on a hunch of what might be wrong. ” This is the link to the article which is applicable to the way I operate my business:

In rare cases, 1 – 2 parts may have to be replaced to find the root cause of the problem. If that is the case, then I will contact you before proceeding with any work. “Additional parts” must be paid for in advance before proceeding with the work. I was forced to implement this change to stop the loss of time and money.

Scope of the services provided are:

  • Diagnosis, a preliminary to determine whether it is cost effective to take a job.
  • Engine Repair & Replacement –  2 & 4 Cycle – Limited repair on cheap/low quality 2-cycle equipment.
  • Tune-Ups – 90% of problems are gas related, so I replace the carburetor because it is necessary to eliminate initial diagnostic issues and avoid any liability issues.
  • Misc. repairs not just related to engines only. I like to challenging work, so I can utilize my mechanical ability.
  • Generator Repair & Load Bank Testing – Alternator Repair is limited due to the unlimited number of different brands that are made in China and lack of parts & documentation availability.
  • Load Bank testing is necessary, but it is optional:
  • There is no guarantee that any Portable Generator will output the correct voltage and hertz“under load” new out of the box, so buyer beware. That is the purpose of  having a load bank tester.

I will not attempt to diagnose or provide a quote without seeing the equipment first, I require that you bring it in and pay a Shop Fee of $25. I will conduct a preliminary diagnosis to determine, if it is “cost effective to repair or not.” There is an old saying about making assumptions. I have seen it too many times when I get a piece of equipment that is not as described.