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I do not work on low-end Consumer Line products ($50 – $100) because it is not cost effective for me or the customer. People do not realize that parts and labor cost approximately the same as for  high-quality equipment.

I advise everyone prior to taking a job and some people do not like to hear that but it is about being honest and integrity. The majority of my business is gasoline related due to the Ethanol content in gasoline and it can cause more damage to an engine than the general public knows; I do not have problems with my personal equipment because I have learned over the years and developed my own preventive maintenance program.

I learned the hard way over many years because I did get to go to college and get a  formal education for several reasons that are not relevant to this comment. The knowledge that I obtained over the years  you cannot learn in any school.  I spent 50 years in the oil industry and I could write volumes of what I learned from experience; nothing is free in this world. Life is a learning experience and it is all about an individual’s choice how they view life and live it.

To emphasize what I said in the first paragraph; It is not cost effective for you and it is a waste of my time because if it was not properly maintained (per the Owner’s Manual). I am not like my competition that will try to get your business to make a dollar and then have someone come back to me complaining or abandoning their equipment.

Hourly Rates:  My rates are about 25 – 40% per hr. lower than local competition and it is higher if you have already attempted to fix it makes it more difficult to diagnose and finding the real problem. In some cases, it is not cost ineffective to repair.

There is an upfront Diagnostic fee of $60 on lawn mowers & pressure washer’s engines & etc. depending on what the parts will cost to repair it.  I require $150 deposit on larger engines such as Generators which is applied to the final bill. This is non-refundable but it is applied to the final repair cost if you decide to repair the item. Additional parts that exceed the deposit must be paid for prior to me ordering them.

Hurricane Harvey taught me a valuable lesson, as of now I am going up to a $150 non-refundable deposit on Generators that is applied to the final bill. I worked day and night, and when it was over I ended up with 5 generators that I fixed and were abandoned by the customers. The customers did not pay nor did they pick them up.  I already have 6 – 7 working Generators from the end of last year that were abandoned, I had to store them, so they would not be in my way.  Sept 21st, I took a sledge hammer to them, drained the oil and gas out of them and moved them to the street, within 1/2 hr. they were gone.

Loading and Unloading Fees:  Effective 11/2016 I had a custom made manual forklift manufactured for loading and unloading equipment such as Generators etc. due to a couple of near misses which is a “Liability Issue,” so I charge $20 to unload and load it when it is picked up, NO EXCEPTIONS!  I carry a General Liability Ins. policy to protect myself.

Gasoline Disposal Fees – I do not charge for disposing of ½ – 1 gal. of gasoline but if it exceeds that then there will be a non-negotiable fee of $10 per gal. That is my cost because I am a small business, so I recommend you drain and dispose of it prior to bringing it to me.

Pick Up and Deliver: I will pick up and deliver equipment and the cost is dependent on where you are located based on my hourly rate and mileage. I do not pick up or work on riding tractor mowers for several reasons. I will make a service call occasionally, but it takes at least two trips.

I will ask if you or someone has worked on your equipment prior bringing it to me for repair and if you tell me no and then I find that it has been have been tampered with then I will stop at that point and notify you of my findings and will tell you to come pick it up unless you want to complete the repairs and pay in advance to repair the additional issues; You will you pay twice the labor involved to diagnose all of the problems and a lien will be placed against it until it is paid for.

I had to change my policy because customers have changed their mind have their equipment repaired and my time and parts are not free; I have had too many machines abandoned for one reason or another and I am not in the business of selling equipment and I cannot sell it for the time and labor that I invested in them.

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