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In the best interest of my company I will no longer provide services for cheap durable or non-durable consumer products (disposable commodities); in most cases it is cheaper to buy a new one for ($100 – $150). It is not cost effective for either party to repair low-quality equipment. People do not realize that the parts and labor costs are approximately the same as for high-quality equipment.

I will tell a potential customer upfront maybe it would be in the best interest for both of us if you seek professional services elsewhere. Why? The short answer is they already “know what the problem is, and it should take “x” number of minutes and cost “x” number of dollars.

The major problem is that most customers never take the time to read my website. I was forced to make a change in 2018 because my time and parts are not free. My business is repairing equipment, not selling new or used equipment per my Sales Tax Certificate. I have never been able to sell anything for the cost of parts and labor that I have invested in them.

  • Why the change: It was due to people abandoning their equipment without paying for services rendered. The legal terminology is “Theft of Services.” I defined it on my Home Page
  • There is an Upfront Deposit that covers the Diagnostic Fee plus any necessary parts determined from an Initial Evaluation, plus an Unloading and Loading fee if applicable. Labor is not included because no repairs have been done yet.

The Deposit ranges from $50 + on lawn mowers & pressure washers, engines and similar equipment to $100 + on larger engines such as Generators or larger equipment. Customers will abandon cheap equipment without paying for services rendered, but not at my expense again.

I do not rebuild carburetors for three reasons.

  1. It is a liability issue. 
  2. Due to the lack of maintenance per owner’s manual.
  3. Parts & kits are not available for all carburetors because they are manufactured in China. Briggs & Stratton just started using Chinese brand name carbs on their Portable Generators. They have always used Niki or Mikuni carburetors.

Approximately 90% of my business for over a year now have been gasoline related problems. It is due to the Ethanol/water content in gasoline. It causes more problems than just carburetor problems. It is the responsibility of the owner to read and follow the guidelines in the owner’s manual.

It is not cost effective for you, if it was not properly maintained (per the Owner’s Manual). I am not like my competition that will take your business to make a dollar and then have someone come back complaining or potentially abandoning their equipment at my expense.

Hourly Rates: My rates are about 40 – 50% per hr. lower than my local competition and higher if you have already attempted to fix it. If additional parts are required, then they must be paid for in advance.

Loading and Unloading Fees: Effective 1/2018, I had a custom made manual forklift manufactured for loading and unloading equipment such as Generators etc. Due to a couple of near misses which is a “Liability Issue,I charge a fee of $25 total for (unloading and loading) a single piece of equipment, NO EXCEPTIONS! I carry General Liability Ins. to protect myself and having worked as a Safety Leader for ExxonMobil for 10 years, I know about safety and “Root Causes” of accidents.

Gasoline Disposal Fees – I do not charge for disposing of ½ – 1 gal. of gasoline, but if it exceeds that then there will be a non-negotiable fee of $10 per gal. That is my cost for disposal because I am a small business, so I recommend you drain and dispose of the gas prior to bringing it to me.

Pick Up and Deliver: I will pick up and deliver equipment and the cost is based on my hourly rate and dependent on where you are located. It is also necessary for you to have someone available to help me load it; this usually applies to Portable Generators. I will make a service call on riding tractor mowers, but for limited reasons, and it will take a minimum of two trips.

I will ask you this question: Has someone worked on your equipment prior to bringing it to me for repair. If I discover that it has been tampered with, I will stop at that point and notify you of my findings. I will ask you to come pick it up unless you want to complete the repairs and pay for the parts in advance, so I can complete the diagnosis. That entails me getting back to a starting point from which I can re-start the diagnosis at your expense.

Owning & operating a business is difficult enough without having to fix problems created by amateur mechanics. They are always the most difficult to deal with and will cause more problems in the end. I spent almost 50 years in the O&G industry having to work with people like this. I do not have to, nor will I not tolerate it any longer.