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Larry’s Small Engine Repair, LLC in Houston, TX is owned by Larry Harrison. I have enjoyed a long industrious career spanning more than 50 years. It all started with my love of working as a shade tree mechanic building hot rod cars, repairing cars, and building motorcycles as a hobby.

It started with fixing my own cars and equipment, to working on motorcycles for myself and others. I find it interesting working on engines especially gasoline powered engines. I joined the US Navy and became an Engine-man/Gunner’s Mate and wanted to make a career out of the Navy but after getting injured I was given an Honorable Discharge for medical reasons. It was not related to the injury, but a birth defect because I was born 8 weeks prematurely and only weighed 1lb. 12oz. I was not given a choice or any compensation, that is bureaucracy at work.

After leaving the military, I pursued a career as a Machinist/Tool & Die maker for 22 years. Then I was offered a job by ExxonMobil and worked for 25 years as a mechanical designer & Senior Technical Associate. My primary job was designing and building a variety of subsurface down-hole tools used in drilling oil & gas wells. Every tool that was built had to be tested to downhole conditions.

I was responsible for designing, building, conducting initial tests and field testing of the equipment. I worked in San Antonio, TX for 1 ½ yrs. conducting a root causal failure analysis and qualification tests for Choke & Kill lines. Afterwards, I was transferred to England from ’90 – ’92 to design and test Chevron seal stacks for use at Mobile Bay, AL.

My personal hobbies & interests have always been flying airplanes (full scale & RC scale models), riding motorcycles which led to building and working on motorcycles. Of course, that required building and working on engines and mechanical components as well. I had already decided to continue doing what I enjoyed after I retired. I had people asking me to fix different things, so I decided to start a part time business repairing chainsaws.

Within 6 months I found out that the demand for chainsaw repair was declining rapidly due to lower quality parts and cheaper chainsaws being made in China and sold at a lower cost. I decided to change directions and start a small engine repair shop knowing that I would be competing against 2 -3 larger well-known shops. I decided to open a new business “Larry’s Small Engine Repair, LLC” in NW Houston/Cypress, TX 7065.

It is difficult to explain how strenuous this business can be at times. The primary reason for it has to do with customers. Some do not understand, or they have their priorities confused. “No job for any amount of money” is worth dealing with someone that is difficult and has the attitude that “I am right, and you are wrong.” An example is when it comes to their cell phone or iPad then it is a whole different story. Which one is more important?

I can and will say that after almost 8 years since starting this business that I reserve the right to work on what I want to work on and what I deem cost effective for both parties, it is that simple. I do not perform band aid repairs only to have it come back for whatever reason.

Owning & operating a business is difficult enough without having to fix problems created by other people. They are the most difficult to deal with, only to abandon their equipment without paying for it. If I deem necessary, I will tell a potential customer upfront maybe it would be in the best interest for both of us if you seek professional services elsewhere. Why? The short answer is they already know what the problem is, and it should take “x” number of minutes and the cost to be “x” number of dollars.

“No job for any amount of money” is worth the stress and aggravation of dealing with rude and arrogant people. I am here to provide a quality service without dealing with those types of people. There are some that call me and want something fixed, and they have the “I am right, and you are wrong” attitude.

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