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Larry’s Small Engine Repair Shop offers repair services on small 2 & 4 cycle engines on portable generators, pressure washers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and misc. I am an authorized repair center for Amerisun Inc., Coleman, Generac, Winco and Champion. We offer the following services:

Generator Repair

Lawn Mower Repair

Small Engine Repair

Chain Saw Repair

Repairs on misc. small engines, if parts and necessary repair documentation are available.

I no longer work on cheap durable or non-durable consumer products. I am not going to discuss the basics of 2-cycle versus 4-cycle, but a 2-cycle that will not attempt to start has a serious problem or problems. It can be difficult, and time consuming to diagnose and cost prohibitive. The bottom line is, it could cost as much or more than buying a new machine. It is less likely to happen to quality equipment due to the life span being associated with quality.

I started my company and have been in business for almost 8 years. I designed, built, and manage my own Website. It has grown due to changes in the industry and the way I operate my business, but being transparent is imperative. It is a challenge and over-whelming because it requires additional work on my part. I believe that having work ethics and principles are vital to keep yourself and company on the right track. I wrote one page on my website devoted it to my work ethics. I believe that it is very important because they represent who I am. I place more value on Honesty & Integrity rather than money.

I know that I/we live in a very diverse culture and a new generation. I will always maintain my own personal ideals & principles that I was taught and lived by for 70 years. I worked for several companies for over 20 years and finished my 47-yr. working career at ExxonMobil. I have seen and been forced to work against what I believed in, and in several cases I left for those very reasons. I hear people complain about companies today and they think because I am an old man I do not understand. As an employee you are an expendable tool, like this business equipment is being manufactured at a lower cost, why? Lower cost means lower quality which equates to being expendable.

Since I have been in business, small engines and parts are being designed & manufactured to lower quality standards and essentially designed to be expendable. I have seen the industry change so much since turning my hobby of working on chainsaws into a small engine repair business. I will not lower the quality of my work to reduce the labor cost because it still requires the same knowledge, skills and tools.

Chainsaws are a perfect example of what I am referring to. I have ~ 250 used chainsaws in storage and essentially, they are worth scrap metal price except for a few. I work on about 1 -2 a year, why? Number one, it is not cost effective unless you buy a top of the line model (expensive). The average homeowner does not need a top of the line model because they rarely use them. I personally prefer a lower quality one made in China and sold in the US at a price that makes it expendable. With that said, I take care of my equipment and I will get my use out of it.

The small engine repair industry is very close to becoming an ecommerce business by itself. From a consumer’s point of view, it is cheaper to buy most anything online. It has far reaching effects which have impacted the industry overall. It is rapidly declining due to lost talent and economic reasons. The reasons are not relevant because it has become the “norm” of this generation, look at what is happening to the retail businesses.

NOTE: A lot of people buy equipment online because they think they are saving money, in the event they should have a problem, then they will regret it. I see this scenario every week, and it puts them between a rock and hard spot.

I occasionally take drive up customers, if they call in advance. The deposit does vary on the type of equipment and how long it takes to conduct an initial diagnosis of the problem; for example, a Generator versus a lawn mower or a 2-cycle engine.

So many people think because it is a small engine it should not cost much to have it diagnosed and repaired. You can compare a personal medical diagnosis to that of a small engine diagnosis. It requires some testing and knowledge to understand or evaluate what it means. In either case, it may be something simple or something more complex.

That does not include the time required to get all the necessary tools out needed to complete the diagnosis. Then you have to clean-up and put everything back like it was before you started the job. I would like to provide a link to a site called The Lost Art of Diagnosing Engine Problems,” the link is:

I do not claim to be an expert, but I have a diversified mechanical background and years of engine experience with a comparable knowledge of the industry. I perform repair work on Small Engines, Lawn Mowers etc., and I stand behind my work 100%. I would like the opportunity to earn your business, but I will not take just any job because some are beyond the point of no return and that will be based on my opinion. Sentimental value is one thing, being sensible is another. I might be an old 71-year-old man, but I was not born last night.