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Larry’s Small Engine Repair, LLC in Houston, TX is owned by Larry Harrison, and I have enjoyed a long and industrious career spanning more than 55 years. It all started with my love of working as a shade tree mechanic building hot rod cars, and repairing cars and motorcycles as a hobby.

I spent 50 years working in the Oil Industry and I learned a lot of lessons the hard way and I firmly believe in HONESTY & INTEGRITY it is key to a successful business because they are principles that I were raised with and live by, so I will give you my honest opinion and it is your decision to do as you wish.

After six years and any number of arrogant customers and numerous pieces of equipment being abandoned. I have learned some lessons about dealing with the public. I have never worked with the “Public” before and there are some bad people in this world.  If you are one of these people, then I would rather lose the job than deal with your indignity and arrogance.

I reserve the right to take only the work that I want to do and allowed to repair it correctly (in simple English that means repairing back to original condition if possible) and I will not perform a quick fix to save money or create a safety issue which is a Liability to me.

NOTE:  Everyone must sign a disclaimer at the time they drop their equipment off and sign an invoice with a disclaimer in regards to the fee’s for conducting diagnostics and repairs.

I created a Disclaimer Page for anyone that wants to read it. It is on my website and it is your responsibility to read it because I do not have time to explain it to anyone.

If you or someone else has attempted to repair it and I have to spend my time diagnosing and correcting the problems that you or someone created, then you will be charged accordingly.

I can and will say that after 7 years since beginning this business I reserve the right to work on what I want to work and when I want to work on it; it is that simple and that is why I work by appointment only.

Too many people have abandoned their equipment  that I cannot sell for labor and parts.

Contact me @ 832-643-2315 or Tap Here Contact Page to send me an email.

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