Bus. Ethics

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Larry’s Small Engine Repair shop in Houston, TX is owned by Larry Harrison. I believe that any good business will establish a set of business ethics to insure transparency in the way they operate their business.

I spent 45 years working in the Oil Industry and I learned a lot. It was not just about the Industry but working for companies that failed and the ones that survived. It was because they were able to adapt and overcome. I firmly believe that Honesty & Integrity is key to a successful business. They are principles that my generation was raised with and lived by. I am a one-man operation and plan to keep it that way, it easier to focus on doing a good job rather than having to look over my shoulder to see what the other man is doing.

I will be frank and straight forward with you. I will give you my honest opinion, and it will be your decision to do with as you deem appropriate. Back in the old days, “a man’s word and handshake were good as Gold,” but that is not the case any longer.

I will not spend time trying to convince you otherwise whether in person or on the phone. I will not give you a quote over the phone. I need to see the piece of equipment, so I can evaluate it for myself. I am in the repair business and I will discuss anything regarding the service that you need. I am not a consultant, nor will I engage in a discussion on how to repair your equipment. There are exceptions but limited due to liability issues.

I am in business to repair your equipment not trying to sell you additional unnecessary services.

NOTE: Upon completion of you job I will notify you when it is finished. I will only call one time, so make sure that you provide me with a good contact number. Unless you have made prior arrangements for pick up, then I will charge $10 per day starting 5 days after notifying you.

After seven long years of dealing with numerous arrogant customers, only to lose time and money is frustrating to say the least. I had at least 50 pieces of equipment that were abandoned and not paid for almost a year. I finally, had them picked up and hauled away for scrap. I have learned some key lessons about dealing with the public. I have never worked directly with the “General Public There are some bad people in this world that do not have any morals or principles. They expect and want anything for nothing. I guess, you could consider them con-artists, thieves or both.

I would rather lose a job than deal with indignity and arrogance. To be taken advantage of intentionally is despicable. I decided to include this in my Website because I have learned a lot since starting this business and dealing with the public. It is not the same as working for any company and having to work with co-workers. I have always had an excellent sixth sense about a lot of things and found it to be a good trait. It was difficult, but I have learned how to avoid doing business with those types of people.

I reserve the right to take work that I want to work on and allowed to repair it correctly; in simple English that means repairing back to original condition if possible. I will not perform a quick fix to save money only to create a safety issue and/or a Liability for me.

NOTE: Everyone must sign an invoice with a disclaimer at the time they drop their equipment off. It authorizes me to diagnose and repair your equipment. I will contact you once I determine what the problem is and an estimate for the repairs. The most important change that I have implemented is paying for necessary parts in advance. I view it this way, if you are sincere and honest then it should not be an issue.

I created a “Disclaimer Page” for anyone that wants to read it.

I can and will say that after almost 8 years since starting this business; I reserve the right to work on what I want to work on when it is convenient. I have had too many people abandon their equipment that I cannot sell for parts and labor. After all these years I still do not understand WHY? It was ignorance on my part and them being dishonest from the start.