About Me

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This page is “About Me,” and how I got interested in working on engines. I started working on cars and motorcycles since I was a teenager. I joined the US Navy in 1965 and was an Engineman & Gunners Mate.

I spent the first 20 + years of my working career working as a Machinist & Tool & Die maker in the Oil Tool business. Later, I decided to go back to school to advance my career. After 20 + years, I was offered a job at Exxon Research Center as a Senior Technical Associate. My primary job was doing Mechanical Design/trouble shooting in the Drilling and Completions Division for 25 years.

I received the Exxon Mobil Upstream Research Presidential Award in 2010 for Work Achievements & Accomplishments (See Picture of Award in Photo Gallery). I designed, built and tested down-hole tools for Exxon of which four had patents issued on them. The fourth patent issued in 2014 three years after retiring.

I have always enjoyed working on engines especially HD & custom motorcycles. After being forced to retire I turned my hobby into a chainsaw repair business. I started out repairing chain saws, then I decided to change directions. I started repairing portable generators, lawn mowers and pressure washers etc. Why did I change my business from Chainsaws to small engines? I remember when the market became inundated with parts and chainsaws made in China. I work on average about 1 – 2 a year now, Why? It is cheaper for the homeowner to buy a new one rather than repair an older model. Most manufacturers except for 2 – 3 have been obsoleting parts which is the driver for buying cheaper expendable models.

From lessons learned from my 45+ years of working for several companies I decided to start a part-time business, which led to a full-time business. I personally built this Website to convey my thoughts on how to operate my business using the lessons that I learned still in the back of my mind. I firmly believe if you operate your business based on Honesty and Integrity it will enhance your chances for success. It took me four years to make my business profitable. I take personal pride in my work, which comes from my ethics and principals that I was raised with. I spent my entire life working and living by them. It was a struggle, but I am still here today after 50 + years of hard work.

I enjoy challenging work that requires knowledge and skills. I am not a dumb gear-head that likes to twist wrenches. Most problems are simple fixes, not challenging because the damage occurred due to the lack of maintenance or operator error. I get a few repair jobs that someone else has worked on without being told. I try my best to communicate that message to customers. It always causes problems and costs them more in the end. If they so decide, then they will never come back and pickup their machine or pay me.

Some people understand and accept it, then there are some that are just the opposite. At some point, I must inform the customer without knowing what their response will be, but it is necessary. Some people cannot or will not admit to making a mistake. That is when it goes from being difficult to frustrating because ~ 50% of the people go ballistic.

Anyone can get their hands dirty but not everyone has what it takes to get the challenging work done. It is like the old saying “when the going gets tough then the tough get going.”

I opened Larry’s Small Engine Repair Service, LLC in 2011 as a one-man operation. My goal was to build a small engine repair shop that provided the public another option for quality repair service. I take work by appointment, so I can provide a quicker turnaround time. The goal was to provide quality small engine repair and lawn mower repair for a reasonable price; which is less than what the competition charges for the same work.

That was my goal and with the right mindset I have achieved my goal with this winning formula. Hopefully it will help me achieve another goal and that is being a first-rate repair shop in my area although the smallest, I prefer to keep it that way. This job takes a special kind of person with the right skills and talents. I have always preferred to work alone because I cannot get my work done, if I watch over my shoulder to see what someone else is doing.

I am honest, customer oriented and firmly believe in customer satisfaction and I treat people the way the way they treat me.

I am getting older and with the knowledge that I have obtained from hard work and not being afraid to get my hands dirty, is what got me through life. Knowledge from books provides you the basic information to start with but nothing will ever take the place of hands on experience.