Larry’s Small Engine Repair, LLC is located in NW Houston/Cypress, TX.  It is a locally owned and operated business that provides quality work at affordable rates on 2 & 4 cycle small engines and generator repair.  My goals and what I strive for is to offer quality work at lower repair costs with a quicker turnaround time.

Contact me @ (832) 271-2918 or Tap Here Contact Page  to send me an email.  If you want to call and make arrangements to bring a piece of equipment in for service that is fine, but I will not try and diagnose it over the phone based on information that you provide me with.

Most of the time it is either misleading or incorrect, so the only way I can diagnose something is by looking at it and putting my hands on it.  I might ask you a few simple questions so I can determine what the problem might be, most customers try to diagnose the problem and sometimes they are wrong.

I charge a deposit ranging from $60 – $100 to cover diagnostic time, labor and initial parts which is applied towards the final bill; that is based on size and type of equipment to be repaired. It may have more than one problem which cannot be identified/found until you start working on it. There are days that I could spend 2 – 4 hrs. on the phone with people wanting to discuss potential problems or ask questions about how to fix something; I do not get compensated for consulting nor giving free advice.

If I do not answer within 3 -4 rings do not leave a message, I will see a missed call before I get my messages. I will return your call ASAP.  I work by myself and sometimes I cannot answer the phone but I will return you call as soon as it is convenient. I have went over and beyond to accommodate people (nights & weekends), and they never show up or have the courtesy to call let me know they changed their mind or etc.  It is like the old saying ” a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Business Hours: M – F     9:00 am – 6:00 pm       Sat.  10:00 – 2:00 pm