Larry’s Small Engine Repair, LLC is located in NW Houston/Cypress, TX. It is a locally owned and operated business that provides quality work at affordable rates on 2 & 4 cycle small engine repair and generator repair in Houston, TX.  My goals are to offer quality work at lower costs with a quicker turnaround time. I base my business on honesty and integrity,” they are very important to me and they are the best two traits that  a person can possess.

You can contact me at (832)-643-2315 or send an email using my Contact Page. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that I deem appropriate.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards & checks within Harris County

Business Hours: M – F     9:00 am – 6:00 pm       Sat.  10:00 – 2:00 pm

My site serves two purposes; advertisement and to inform the public about who I am and how I operate my business. It is called “transparency,” most companies will not build a website with the intent to disclose information about how they operate, why?  This site was built and designed by me because it was a challenge and it is an example of what a person can do it they set their mind to it. I am not educated but I do have an above average IQ and a mechanical aptitude.  

Approximately 75% of all repair work can be prevented and I have give up on trying to educate/advise the G P because it is contrary to the beliefs of most and leads to a difference of opinions. There is an appropriate amount of information in the owners manual that came with the machine, if you do not have it then there is always the internet.

  • I take work by appointment only to prevent having a back log of work and it allows me the flexibility to work on more than one at a time.
  • Note: I work by myself because it gives me the flexibility to schedule my work and/or work on several jobs at the same time as needed.
  • If you want to call to schedule an appointment regarding a repair on your equipment that is fine, but I will not spend 30 minutes discussing a problem without first looking at the machine or equipment. Read my reviews on Google then you understand why, there is one in particular that fits this scenario.
  • I do not give advice to help people resolve a problem or fix their equipment. It is a liability issue and I do not get compensated for it nor get a simple thank you.
  • I will ask you a few simple questions so I can try to understand the scope of the work you want done and determine if it is something that I can or willing to attempt to repair it.
  • I will not attempt to diagnose or give you a quote based on information that you verbally provide me with. 
  • Note: If I do not answer within 4 -5 rings do not leave a message because I do not always get my messages in a timely manner. If you leave a message then I will not see a missed call.   I had a man call, so I returned his call in two minutes and he said “if you have a business then you need to answer the blank blank black phone.”  I would not have taken a 100 jobs from him for any amt. of money.
  • I work by myself and sometimes it is not possible for me to answer the phone but I will contact you when it is convenient.  Send me a brief text message and I will either send you a message and/or return your call ASAP.
  • For the past seven years I have went over and beyond to accommodate people (working nights & weekends), and they never show up or have the courtesy to call let me know they changed their mind or etc.  From this point forward, my personal time is my time unless you are willing to pay for it.

I know and understand that it is difficult to communicate with some people regardless of their education or etc. because their goal is to make things as difficult as possible in every aspect of their life.  If there is any hint of a personality clash from the first time we talk or meet, I will tell you that “in the best interest of both parties” it would best to take your work elsewhere. 

I was so upset after a very rude and obstinate man called me and it completely distracted me,  and I made a simple mistake that cost me a new engine.  I forgot to pour the oil in the engine before I started it and it was sitting right next to mower. That is why I don’s answer the phone sometimes, if you are in a hurry then call another shop, there are several in the area.